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What is a Virtual Pinball Machine?

A Virtual Pinball Machine, or Virtual Pin comes in many shapes and sizes. From a simple game on a tablet, to some buttons on a control box hooked to a PC, to a homemade cabinet with a couple of TV's, all the way up to a real pinball cabinet with multiple tv's or monitors and scoring systems, full feedback to simulate noise and movement on the playfield and RGB lights to round out the virtual experience.

What makes your Virtual Pin different from X, Y or Z's offering?

Honestly, nothing. There is no magic proprietary piece that only myself or them can build. It comes down to experience with building Pins and how much a builder is willing to customize. Many builders stop at the basics of a few buttons and the three screens required to properly simulate a real machine, some go a bit further and add some "TOYS" such as shakers and gears, and a few more have an even bigger array of lights and such.  Ultimately what sets us apart is that we don't do a few models with a couple of upgrades available. our machines are 100% custom, driven by your needs, wants and budget.

What toys, lights or other options do you offer?

The Sky's the limit. We can do anything your heart and budget can imagine. Painted cabinet instead of Vinyl, Commercial LCD Monitors instead of TV's. Full or partial RGB lighting. Full size Williams Pinball cabinet, or Arcade style MDF Cabinet. The entire build is driven by you, not by some guy in marketing or sales.

What are the payment options?

We accept payments through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and of course cash. Payment schedule is 20% down to confirm your place in line, 30% upon start of build, the remaining 50% upon acceptance of delivery Most changes can be made at anytime during the build and the pricing adjusted at delivery.

What are the delivery options?

  • We can ship via most normal freight carriers that specialize in Pinball and Arcade machines (typically $300-400)

  • We will deliver for free within about 200 miles. Total Distance is negotiable

  • You can pickup at our Shop 

What tables come loaded?

Technically NONE.  We will preinstall the environment required to test functionality of the system, as well as install the STEAM version of PinballFX3 which includes a free table. We also include a $100 STEAM gift card to purchase the tables that are of intertest to you. We offer a "service" after the delivery of the machine as a separate work order to install any additional software. This can be done remotely as well as while the machine is setup at delivery. Due to licensing, no tables, ROM's or other third party works can be included with the machine at time of sale.

What is the Warranty

  • Every machine we make comes with a 1 year warranty for Parts and Labor and 3 years phone/ remote troubleshooting

  • We will also provide free labor while any parts are still under manufacture Warranty beyond the first year.

  • Labor is provided at the place of delivery. For items shipped, place of delivery is the Twisted Tokens Shop.

  • Every machine also comes with an "As Shipped" image that can be restored at anytime to bring the machine back to a known state. We also keep a backup at the shop and can restore and/or ship as needed.

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