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Virtual Pinball Your Way

Custom Designed to Your Needs

                                                         All machines feature state of the art new parts, using mostly real pinball machine              specific parts except where custom parts are required. 


                                                       There is no one size fits all.

Every cabinet is built to fit your requirements

of features and price. 


                     This Virtual Pinball Machine is compatible with literally Hundreds of Virtual Pinball tables   

(Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, and Pinball FX3 tables). 


  • Tables Included are PinballFX3 with Steam loaded and a variety of tables. And Includes a $100 STEAM credit to allow you to pick your own tables.

  • All other "Free" and Public tables cannot legally be included, But can be installed via a "service or repair call" just like any other computer support, but is billed separately and after the machine is sold and delivered.

  • Two cabinet styles available.  MDF Arcade style, or a real Brand New Williams Widebody Pinball cabinet

  • From mild arcade, to full feedback that is so real you can actually "feel" the ball roll across the playfield

  • Basic playfield and backbox monitors, to full 4K with separate scoring and topper videos

  • Full lighting and addressable RGB LEDs available in multiple configurations.

  • Custom graphics available


With the amazing HD and 4K graphics and the high-definition monitors, the games are so fluid and vibrant you might forget its not a physical Pinball Machine.


And with all the force feedback options it will not just look real, but feel real as well.


And ultimately the benefits are endless. Games that you have no way to ever own, or games that have never actually been built, but do exist on Virtual Tables. Potentially 1,000's of games in one cabinet instead of only 1 game. Plus if you can only afford or have the space for one Pinball, wouldn't you rather have one that no longer has stuck balls, no more burnt out light bulbs, coils, or circuit boards and no playfield cleaning.



          Contact us for more info or to schedule a demo


Just one example of what can be done  ->   Cabinet and LED Video



Stay Tuned for pictures of a Build in Progress


Basic Specs

  • Intel Core i5-4570-3.2 GHz, 16GB Ram, 256GB SSD+2TB SATA WiFi, DVD-RW, Windows 10 Pro

  • Nvidia GTX1060 4GB

  • 7.1 Surround sound.  2.1 backbox with 8" sub and 4 channel Surround sound Tactile exciters for feedback

  • 3 - Amplifiers

  • Real Pinball leaf-switches with RGB on both Flipper and Magnasave Buttons

  • Real Williams Plunger

  • Real Pinball Legs 

  • Digital Nudge Controller

  • 43" playfield, 30" backbox

  • Real Tempered Glass

  • Every machine we make comes with a 1 year warranty for Parts and Labor and 3 years phone/ remote troubleshooting


  • Full addressable LED sides, Matrix, Under-Cabinet, speaker LED

  • Flashers

  • Shaker Motor

  • Gear Motor

  • Knocker

  • Real Tilt Bob

  • Custom Topper

  • 4K Playfield

  • 1080 Backbox

  • 1080 DMD

  • 15-17" DMD or Real DMD

  • Working Coin Door

  • Custom Graphics Vinyl and Painted

  • Backbox glass

  • and more …    If you've seen it, we CAN do it

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